Arryn the Cheeky monkey

Arryn you really are a very cheeky boy. This morning while your sister was throwing a tantrum, some part of you found that quite hilarious. Every time she yelled or moaned you would look up and me and start laughing! Lucky your sister was too busy fretting over having to go to school to notice! 

The truth is Arryn, you are quite a moany baby. It could be colick or PURPLE crying as they call it, I have no idea. Anyway here are some pics of you that have nothing to do with this story. Here’s you having a shower with dad, you love taking showers and baths btw!  

Tantrum this morning 

Hi Aria, you had a tantrum this morning 🙂 

After my morning yoga I switched on the TV to distract Arryn while I took a shower. I don’t usually do this as I’m afraid you’ll wake up and start watching, and I never let you watch TV in the morning because you need to be focused to go to school. 

Anyway after I got ready you were already awake (you woke up earlier today!) and watching TV. *facepalm* And true enough when I switched it off so we could go have breakfast and get ready for school you threw a tantrum. 

I allow you to express your emotions, as long as you don’t hit anyone. So you cried and kicked your legs. I could see you felt like letting it out on me (well of course, I was the one who switched off your tv), I could see you wanted to hit me. But you have learned from previous episodes not to do that. 

So I let you cry it out. You were moaning that you didn’t want to go to school (what’s new). Then I gave you 2 choices, either you go to school, or you hang out by yourself outside the door. Still moaning. Nevermind, I do my own thing. Your moan for me to come to you, you moan for a hug. I give you a hug. You tell me again that you don’t want to go to school. I look you in the eye and just repeated your 2 options. You and I both knew that if you didn’t go to school you would have a really boring day next to the shoe rack. 

Not willing to back down, you started crying and moaning. So I changed the choices, if you continued to cry and moan you would definitely be spending the day outside, I counted to 3, you slowly stopped. 

You knew I would not hesitate to do it. So you stopped your moaning and asked for breakfast instead. We hugged and I carried you to the kitchen and that was the end of that. All in a days work! 

Arryn turns 4 months today! 

Dear Arryn, you turn 4 months today! You love to smile and talk, you talk ALOT! You also have a really bad temper and demand attention constantly, you are not the type of baby who can play quietly by himself for more than a few minutes.

Like Aria, you don’t like to sleep and want to stay awake as much as you can. You are very inquisitive and love watching TV with your sister. But you love it most when people are having a conversation with you.

You are quite a fussy baby and like to be carried upright like your sister. You want to be carried and taken for a walk.

You roll around easily. At one month you already had a very strong neck and was able to lift up and turn your head quickly.

You grasp for things and put them in your mouth.

This was before 3 months old

You’ve got cradle cap that just won’t go away.

You love playing with Aria, your cousins and young uncles and aunts.

About your temper: when you are unhappy you can scream your head off  nonstop for quite a while. If I leave you alone for maybe just two or three minutes even with toys, you’ll start to express your discontent and start screaming louder and louder for attention.

You complain quite a bit at small little things like wanting us to stand up and rock you, wanting us to change your position, wanting us to take you for a walkabout, wanting to be in a specific area of the house, wanting to watch TV etc. Sometimes you get over stimulated and will explode (ie screaming fit that is inconsolable for a few minutes)

You don’t sleep very soundly! When putting you to bed you need a quiet room, so it’s a task getting your sister to talk quietly so you’ll sleep.

You still wake up some nights for a feed, depending on how well you slept during the day. If you had enough naps, you tend to sleep through the night. If you did not get good rest, you’ll wake up often during the night.

When you are in a good mood, you’ll talk, smile and charm the socks off everyone you meet!

I don’t know why but you love to dance the macarena! I also do YMCA and other nursery rhymes with you. You also love it when I sing round and round the garden and tickle you under there!

Aria adores you and you her. You perk up whenever you her her voice and want to be with her constantly. Aria wants you to follow her wherever she goes as well!

Mummy and daddy like to take you out too. You put up a huge fuss when we put you in the Manduca baby carrier, and if you don’t fall asleep within the first 5 minutes of walking around, which happens half the time, we’ll just have to take you out and carry you!

And it goes without saying that you can’t sit in your car seat for long, nor do you like being in your stroller! Although you are much better in the car seat compared with Aria. Aria would cry the instant she got in there. You’ll at least give it a few minutes. Aria could cry and eventually fall asleep in the car seat, but you’ve only done that twice.

We love you, from the cooing and squeals to all the screaming and fuss! You are a baby for only a moment before it goes away forever and we are cherishing this moment for as long as we can.