Breakfast with Aria

A typical morning would have you waking up between 730 and 815, after which you’ll come straight into the kitchen for a hug and a kiss from me. After our good mornings you’ll usually begin with something like :
Mum, today is Saturday right, there’s no school 


Today I don’t want to go to school 

And today, because you’ve been coughing and had a fever

I’m coughing, I’m sick, I cannot go to school

I’ve learned to ignore all this and just distract you with a satisfying (ie sugary) breakfast. For example this morning you had yogurt with heapfuls of sugar, a dash of vanilla and fresh strawberries

Here’s another example: oat banana bread with a scoop of peanut butter chocolate ice cream (ok ice cream for breakfast isn’t the best idea, but I thought the oat banana bread kinda makes up for it?)

Needless to say, there’s always a bag of chocolate sprinkles on hand, ready to spruce up any breakfast to your liking!

I try my best not to resort to cake for breakfast so when there’s nothing to eat at home there’s good old chocolate oat cereal with milk.

This morning at breakfast you were telling me to feed you your cough meds and vitamins 🙂

Anyway, as you can imagine, breakfast usually puts you in quite a good mood and you’ll get changed and don your uniform without much of a fuss and be quite amenable to go to school.

And so it goes on like this, Mondays to Fridays, week after week…