Aria at 36 months

This was the message mummy wrote to you on your 3rd Birthday:

Happy birthday Aria, you turn 3 today.


You are loving school, although you are sometimes quite lazy to go in the mornings. You can hold a conversation on your own, and learning to use past tense.

You are quite compassionate, and will show concern when someone is sad, sick or hurt. You are not very good with sharing and taking turns, although you are showing improvement on that front.

Your favourite colour is pink. You had a phase where you didn’t want to brush your teeth and that was very difficult for me. But thankfully that has passed.

You like food that is pink. You like ah ma’s cooking, Chinese food, lasagna, fried chicken, fruits, but you don’t like vegetables so much. Sometimes you are good and actually want to eat them, other times you don’t.


You like to do everything for yourself and are very proud of yourself when you do. You can pee in your potty, dispose of the contents, flush the toilet and wash your hands. You can shower, dry and dress yourself. You can feed yourself. Of course, it’s not all done perfectly, but we are very proud nonetheless.

You have been potty-trained and over the past month I counted only one mistake, and it was in an uber car on the way home from the airport! Lucky the driver was kind and understanding. You still wear a diaper at night just in case.

You are just learning the concept of counting. Sometimes you get it right other times you are quite rubbish at it.

You are a YouTube addict, and I’m restricting your time spent on it. You started to watch alot after Arryn was born because I needed something to distract you while I was busy or when I need a break. Daddy downloaded national geographic and now we watch more of that together. You enjoy watching the animals.

Your favourite cartoon is Elena of Avalor, mummy loves singing the theme tune with you. You also like Paw Patrol and Peppa pig.

You absolutely adore Arryn and love to talk and play with him. You like to help bathe him and change his diapers. You miss Amber and Alyx and ask about them quite often.

You still like to sing and dance and have a great time playing with your cousins, especially Caleb.

You are very close with you dad and ask about him daily although you see him everyday.

Your favourite teacher in school is Miss Gwendoline.

You can sing the song Let It Go quite well. All the nursery rhymes, you are already and expert. You have a pink scooter and a pink bicycle which you love to ride. You bark out instructions to the dogs. You love to play in your doll house, invite us in and cook us food.

You like to drink Ribena and Milo. You love sweets, ice cream and chocolate.

You like to pick out your own outfits. Sometimes I cringe, especially when you insist on wearing socks with gaudy pink sandals and shorts, or your underwear on top of your pants.

You don’t want mummy to put hair clips in your hair. You have 5 pairs of shoes and like to wear them according to your mood.

You are very difficult to put to nap.

Although when you do eventually sleep, you can sleep for hours and hours.

You are bossy and like to give people instructions and expect certain things done for you. I suspect you are a natural leader but I am also trying to ensure you can be a team player and cooperate with others. Also not to feel too entitled.

You are intelligent and surprise mummy and daddy. When you were one, once we were both sitting on the floor facing each other and mummy was playing ball with you. Whenever you threw the ball it fell backwards instead of forwards, so the ball never reached me. You realised that no matter how hard you tried, the ball always fell backwards. So you stood up, turned around and sat down with your back facing me and threw the ball again so that it would reach me. This was the moment when I realised quite how intelligent you are.

After Arryn’s arrival mum was not able to spend so much time with you as before. Also because I had a C-section I was not able to be active with you or carry you for a while. I showed you my scar and explained my surgery. You understood very well and did not ask me to carry you or sit on my lap. You enquired about “my cut” often to see if I was ok, you also like to look at it. Your dad stepped in to fill the gap. He was very busy as he had just started his business but he made sure he came home early to help mummy out, and continued to work from home. He also woke up early in the mornings to help me and take you to school. He made sure you were never short of hugs and kisses, especially since it was difficult for mummy to even hug you.

Every night we sleep together. I hold you in my arms and we fall asleep. I don’t want to move you to your own bed. I enjoy spending time with you. Before we sleep we watch some YouTube videos, or read a story,  or recap what we’ve done for the day.

You’ve started to ask why alot, and it’s getting a little frustrating to answer all your questions. Sometimes you are not able to understand the answers and continue asking. I try my best to answer, as sometimes I really have to think of an answer to simple questions that may not have a simple answer or have no answers at all! I try not to snap because you genuinely want to know and you are curious and I don’t want to discourage that. Hopefully soon you’ll know how to Google the answers yourself (yeah who am I kidding)

I’m trying to speak in mandarin with you more. We can hold simple conversations in mandarin now. You are also learning mandarin and bahasa in school.

I worry about your bossiness but then I remember how I used to boss my gma around when I was younger. It was because she let me. My mum and dad never did. I’ve stopped bossing people around now (I think) and I very much love and appreciate my grandparents and parents. So I’m hopeful for you, and I realise you bossing me around is really my doing!

I love you Aria. It has always been my wish that you be self aware, wise and compassionate. I also want to teach you to be thankful and that barring a few basic needs, happiness is simply a state of mind.