Tantrum this morning 

Hi Aria, you had a tantrum this morning 🙂 

After my morning yoga I switched on the TV to distract Arryn while I took a shower. I don’t usually do this as I’m afraid you’ll wake up and start watching, and I never let you watch TV in the morning because you need to be focused to go to school. 

Anyway after I got ready you were already awake (you woke up earlier today!) and watching TV. *facepalm* And true enough when I switched it off so we could go have breakfast and get ready for school you threw a tantrum. 

I allow you to express your emotions, as long as you don’t hit anyone. So you cried and kicked your legs. I could see you felt like letting it out on me (well of course, I was the one who switched off your tv), I could see you wanted to hit me. But you have learned from previous episodes not to do that. 

So I let you cry it out. You were moaning that you didn’t want to go to school (what’s new). Then I gave you 2 choices, either you go to school, or you hang out by yourself outside the door. Still moaning. Nevermind, I do my own thing. Your moan for me to come to you, you moan for a hug. I give you a hug. You tell me again that you don’t want to go to school. I look you in the eye and just repeated your 2 options. You and I both knew that if you didn’t go to school you would have a really boring day next to the shoe rack. 

Not willing to back down, you started crying and moaning. So I changed the choices, if you continued to cry and moan you would definitely be spending the day outside, I counted to 3, you slowly stopped. 

You knew I would not hesitate to do it. So you stopped your moaning and asked for breakfast instead. We hugged and I carried you to the kitchen and that was the end of that. All in a days work!