Aria is learning how to read! 

You are learning how to read and write  Aria and I’m super excited. 

I’ve got work books for you and we do a page or two every other day. We are also reading Peter and Jane in the evenings. 

You don’t really like mum to teach you stuff, you run you know already and don’t like to be corrected much but I’m happy to read with you all the same 

Introduction to jealousy

This morning Arryn could not be easily consoled for some reason. Must be to do with the Chinese new year party at Permai last night. Messed up your bedtime. Aria woke up and wanted my attention too. Aria, you stated crying and asking me not to carry Arryn. You wanted me to put Arryn down so that I can give you a hug instead. I tried to explain to you that Arryn needed to be consoled. I asked if you love Arryn and you said “no”, and kept asking me to put him down and sayang you instead.

Luckily daddy woke up and managed to console Arryn. So I came and consoled you. You were crying as well. I hugged you and let you cry. After you felt better I asked you about why you were crying and how you felt.

You said that when I was carrying Arryn you didn’t feel good. You felt sad. I told you that this feeling is called “jealous”. I explained that it’s natural to feel that way and it’s ok. I told you that the next time you feel jealous, you can let mummy know. And come and get hugs from me and Arryn and you’ll feel better. If I’m busy, you can be patient and wait and after I’m done I’ll come and sayang you and you’ll feel better. 

I also reminded you that Arryn loves you very much and he needs mummy’s sayang also. I hope you understand and hope this makes you better able to handle your feelings

Here’s a selfie Aria took of us at bedtime. Every morning Arryn wakes up first. I put him in bed next to you Aria and when you wake up you play with him and give him a kiss. He loves it.

One of the stories we read at bedtime. It’s long and I’m lazy to read every word. So I’ll just read one or two sentences from each page only, hehe 

I’d like a hand

This morning I used my fingers to year little pieces of cold pizza for you to eat. Then I asked you if you’d like to eat it with a fork out a spoon. You replied “I want….A hand please” 

Lol, mummy knew exactly what you meant and so I obliged and proceeded to feed you

Day before school

School reopens tomorrow after cny break. U didn’t nap today, you spent all day at ah kong’s house playing with your kus.

Now you’ve passed out in the back seat of the car. I will carry you upstairs and put you to bed.I can’t stop time, I can’t stop you growing up. All I can do is savour every moment I have with you.

That’s why almost every time you ask to be carried I most willingly oblige. And almost every time you want to play with me I am most delighted to play with you.

I attended two funerals this week. When I die, I know that all I can bring with me are memories. And the ones that I will cherish forever are those times spent with my family.