Cheam Choo Eng Ah Chor’s birthday

After our Singapore trip we drive back to KL and took a flight back to Penang for Christmas weekend where we met up with Ah Ma, Papy and Faye Ee Ee.

Then on the 26th we were back to the airport again to fly back to KL for Cheam Ah Chor’s 90th birthday celebration. Alyx couldn’t make it unfortunately as she wasn’t feeling well.

Here we are in the taxi on the way to the airport, in rather good spirits, except for Arryn who did not find it funny that we decided to dress him up in a leopard suit, complete with hooded cap.

When in KL we met up with Faye Ee Ee and Andy Ee Teow, and went for lunch.

After lunch, I barely managed to put you guys to nap, get my hair and make-up done before I had to get you guys up and ready again. We were all running on low fuel…

The dinner was great but we left early as everyone was rather tired. Ah Kong was thrilled as this was the first time he’s seen Arryn awake, not only that, Arryn laughed and played with him.