latest update

mummy’s been really busy. i just bought over a business and haven’t had as much time to spend with you as am very busy whipping the business into shape.

arryn is spending lots of time with his kakak bevelyn, and aria is spending time at school till 530, then eats dinner w ah ma and ah kong then mummy comes home to give her a big hug

i miss spending time with you. don’t read story books or do much writing with you anymore Aria. when things settle down here i will have more time.

for now during the weekends i spend most of my sat with you, and sundays too.

love you two.

Trip to Cameron Highlands

We went to Cameron Highlands a few weeks ago with the Permai mum’s group. Strawberry picking, lavender ice cream, lunch at the smoke house, strawberry popsicles were the highlights. Aria you had an awesome time playing with the older kids. 
I wanted to take you for a jungle trek to see giant millipedes and centipedes but alas I was really too tired out, sorry dear. Dad was super tired out from work, but he still came to have a family holiday, he drove us there and back. It was quite tiring, but you guys had fun

Relaxing Sat

We had a great saturday today.

It’s evening now and Aria and I are colouring while watching Trolls. Arryn is already asleep.

Earlier in the day we went to Chew Thean Yang to feed fish and look at animals. Arryn rested at home 

At dinner you had meatballs and fried fish. After dinner Aria sang the theme song from Trolls, it’s your favourite song now, while Arryn danced. 

Aria is learning how to read! 

You are learning how to read and write  Aria and I’m super excited. 

I’ve got work books for you and we do a page or two every other day. We are also reading Peter and Jane in the evenings. 

You don’t really like mum to teach you stuff, you run you know already and don’t like to be corrected much but I’m happy to read with you all the same