Story reading

Before bed we usually read a story book together

Arryn even though mummy has already read the story book you chose you still adamant that we commune reading the one you want !

Look at you, super cute yet no doubt extremely annoying to Aria!

Art Odyssey 2017

Aria’s kindergarten Global Odyssey has an amazing art program that culminates in an art exhibition towards the end of the year.

Your class chose yayoi kusama I think is the name of the artist. I was really impressed by the works of art Aria.

Kudos to your school and teachers!

Trip to Entopia

We usually come at 9am and it’s always a good idea, there aren’t any crowds yet and we can really enjoy all the insects and butterflies!

I’ve always loved coming to the butterfly farm and will definitely come back again. So glad that daddy had time this morning to come with us again.