Trip to Cameron Highlands

We went to Cameron Highlands a few weeks ago with the Permai mum’s group. Strawberry picking, lavender ice cream, lunch at the smoke house, strawberry popsicles were the highlights. Aria you had an awesome time playing with the older kids. 
I wanted to take you for a jungle trek to see giant millipedes and centipedes but alas I was really too tired out, sorry dear. Dad was super tired out from work, but he still came to have a family holiday, he drove us there and back. It was quite tiring, but you guys had fun

Dec 2016 family trip

Our ambitious year end family trip, where we would drive down to KL, stay one night. Next day pick up Alyx, drive to Johor. Then Legoland, Singapore Aquarium, Singapore Science Center!

Here’s the day before the trip, all relaxing and ready, set to go…

As expected, I was too tired to take any photos. The drive down to KL was horrible, we spent maybe 8 to 9 hours in the car!!!!!!!

At legoland, here’s photos of Aria decorating a gingerbread man. I don’t know how we survived with 3 month old Arryn, but we did, thanks to good baby changing and nursing facilities, and that we stayed at an apartment just 5 minutes walk away.

It was super tiring but fun nonetheless, see parents passed out below at one of the legoland attractions, a place where you can build lego masterpieces and test them out. A bit of aircon and some seats was more than enough for exhausted parents to catnap.

The day after Legoland it was on to Singapore to visit the aquarium! We took the bus, which was a smart move as it beats the traffic on the Causeway. We met up with Feroze and also bumped into Mrs Claus.

My favourite exhibit was the open ocean and the octopus. Aria was preoccupied with Nemo, of course.

Aria’s 2nd birthday 

Hi Aria, mummy just realised I did not post any pictures of your 2nd birthday on Facebook. Actually we celebrated your 2nd birthday in Vietnam.

You, me, Ee Ee, Ee teow, ah ma and papy were on holiday there.

We celebrated your birthday with a nice day out at that beach where you went swimming with papy,  Ee Ee and Ee Teow, then a nice dinner afterwards. You really loved swimming in the sea and kept calling it a swimming pool. 

Here’s the picture. You look so sweet

Dad wasn’t there. He did not join our holiday to Vietnam.

Nobody knew, not even I, that I  was already pregnant with Arryn then. Just newly conceived. I was wondering why I was feeling so tired during the whole holiday. I was also eating beef noodle soup non-stop! Body must have been craving folic acid…

We had a great holiday in Vietnam together

Beach in Phu Quoc