Fun Sunday at hin bus

Aria went for a soap making session, so fun !

As you can see coconut ice cream was a hit with everyone
Am curious to try the food here one day, noodles, muar chee, gyoza and more

Aria chose orange scent, the other choices were rose, lavender, lemongrass
Watching video art of a dance, quite entertaining actually!

Mahindarama temple

We go to Mahindarama temple almost every Sunday morning, I usually persuade girl ah chor to come together with us.

Aria you go for Sunday school while Arryn plays next to me while I attend the adult classes.

Kakak Bevelyn goes to church.

Today there were no classes because they were having the novice monks program.

Mother’s day necklace

Aria today I very proudly wore the mother’s day necklace that you gave me. I showed it to you and you said that I didn’t wear it correctly, you adjusted the beads so that they were all in the front, and made sure that the sparkly bits were showing. I felt so happy when you were adjusting my necklace for me.

It’s the most precious necklace that I own!