Aria’s 3rd Birthday 

Aria, for your 3rd Birthday mummy had 2 celebrations for you, the first was during the last day of school with your friends. On that day was your school performance as well, and you were super cute, performing “we’re going on a bear hunt”.

I got you a butter cake with pink cream frosting and characters from Frozen: Princess Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf. I think we had a super time with your teachers and classmates 🙂

You did not get any presents on that day, it was December 9, but you did not even realise I suppose because you had a great time. You got a present from Steve and a party pack from Sally. Mummy had party packs for the other kids too.

On your real day we had a meaningful celebration at home  with both ah chors, Ee Ee, Ee Teow and Gu Kong

Aria’s 2nd birthday 

Hi Aria, mummy just realised I did not post any pictures of your 2nd birthday on Facebook. Actually we celebrated your 2nd birthday in Vietnam.

You, me, Ee Ee, Ee teow, ah ma and papy were on holiday there.

We celebrated your birthday with a nice day out at that beach where you went swimming with papy,  Ee Ee and Ee Teow, then a nice dinner afterwards. You really loved swimming in the sea and kept calling it a swimming pool. 

Here’s the picture. You look so sweet

Dad wasn’t there. He did not join our holiday to Vietnam.

Nobody knew, not even I, that I  was already pregnant with Arryn then. Just newly conceived. I was wondering why I was feeling so tired during the whole holiday. I was also eating beef noodle soup non-stop! Body must have been craving folic acid…

We had a great holiday in Vietnam together

Beach in Phu Quoc