Aria swimming

Aria you’ve been taking swimming lessons with Ms Oona since March this year. You’ve only taken 5 lessons and look, you can already swim!!

We are super proud of you!

You also went swimming with gu kong and his kids. You had alot of fun playing with Li Wen, Khye Jie and Ming Fong. You and Li Wen played the mermaids while the boys played the sharks and gu kong was supposed to protect mermaids from sharks

Weekends @ ah chor’s house

We spend almost every weekend at ah chor’s house. They are both so happy and delighted to see you two.

Its the highlight of your week.

Sometimes ah chor sleeps and blasts his music when he is sleeping. We sneaked into his room and danced!

He was asleep on the bed the whole time and didn’t even notice 😁

Sunday @adventure zone

Last weekend mummy’s far friend from Hong Kong Vicky Sham came to penang to visit.

She was staying at Shangri-la Rasa Sayang hotel.

So I took you kids and Tjun ku ku to Adventure zone to play and while you guys played I went to have tea with my friend.

One and a half hours later you were all so tired! Hahaha Tjun and you said you didn’t want to play anymore 😂😂😂

You guys had my phone with you at the back of the car, omg so many selfies you took!

Aria’s Masterchef day

Aria you had a masterchef day at Hua Xia school on Friday 25 May.

Its like a food fair where you students make food and parents buy coupons to exchange for food.

This year your class made sushi donuts and your role was to be the promoter. You were tasked to give out brochures and say “mushi mushi, try our sushi”

We were super proud of you and you had a great time! We took Arryn back earlier from his preschool and all came to support.

We came late, and I was very upset about this. You were really sad too that we came late you told me “mum why did you come so late. You missed out on many things. I was wondering where you were. I was really really sad. But I still love you” . You told me how you felt, that you were really sad that we came late. So we gave each other a huge big loooooong hug and we felt so much better after that. Then you went to the playground to play.

We explained to you the importance of your role in selling the food.

Love you very much

latest update

mummy’s been really busy. i just bought over a business and haven’t had as much time to spend with you as am very busy whipping the business into shape.

arryn is spending lots of time with his kakak bevelyn, and aria is spending time at school till 530, then eats dinner w ah ma and ah kong then mummy comes home to give her a big hug

i miss spending time with you. don’t read story books or do much writing with you anymore Aria. when things settle down here i will have more time.

for now during the weekends i spend most of my sat with you, and sundays too.

love you two.